My Story

My story begins on 19th July 2015, when I sat at my desk contemplating life. As all normal people do, I decided to write about it and post it on the internet for the whole world to see.

That one bitter day resulted in coverage on the BBC, in The Telegraph and in The Observer… just to name a few. Why? Well, my writing gave a voice to young British Asian women on topics that had always been considered taboo. In the middle of all the extreme voices of villains and victims that came through the media, I spoke through the voice of the middle girl – the girl who was comfortable with her dual nationality and sometimes struggled with things like finding the right lipstick colour or the right husband.

In 2016, I made a very brave decision to participate in BBC2s ‘Muslim Like Us’, for the very same reason: it was time to make the majority visible.

I can promise you one thing, if you take the time to get to know me: my views aren’t at all perfect, but I definitely keep it real.

I hope you enjoy my writing, filthy words and all.

Mehreen xx